Vintage Carpet 294 X 100

  • Κωδικος Προϊοντος: 3309

  • Διαθεσιμότητα: 1
  • Προέλευση: Persia
  • Τύπος: Vintage Carpets
  • Πέλος: Hand spun wool
  • Στημόνι: Cotton
  • Παραγωγή: Hand knotted
  • Μέγεθος: 294 X 100 cm
  • Ηλικία: 20-50 years
  • Λιανική τιμή: 890€
  • Τιμή: 640€

Διαθέσιμες Επιλογές

<p>Bright and mysterious looking, this hand woven Persian vintage carpet runner boasts a fantastic Oriental design. Over-dyed in shades of gold and brown, it displays sophisticated symmetrical ornaments that give this designer rug a unique character and style. Place this authentic Persian vintage carpet runner in your foyer, hallway or living room to add charm and attitude to your space. Made of 100% premium quality hand spun wool to last a lifetime, this designer carpet is not only highly decorative but also stable, robust and easy to maintain. – An ingenious fusion of time-honoured Persian carpet tradition and modern vintage design.</p>
Προέλευση Persia
Τύπος Vintage Carpets
Πάχος 294 X 100 cm
Πέλος Hand spun wool
Στημόνι Cotton
Παραγωγή Hand knotted
Μέγεθος 294 X 100 cm
Σχήμα Runner
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Μήκος 294
Πλάτος 100
Ηλικία 20-50 years
Knots Density 150 000 - 300 000 knots per m²